Group Interactive Network (GIN) System Launches Custom Logos for its Facebook Application

October 10, 2007, GAINESVILLE, Fla. – The Group Interactive Network (GIN) System, a Gainesville-based provider of internet communication tools and websites for organizations, has released a new logos feature for its GIN System Facebook application .

The GIN System Facebook application displays notifications for the most current group information and includes a dashboard for viewing announcements, upcoming dates, pending questions, discussion topics, birthdays, and more. GIN System users who add the Facebook application can now add one of numerous custom-designed group logos created by GIN. Users also have the option to add text under a logo and to link the logo to an external website.

"This is a great way to show pride in your group," says Ethan Fieldman, president of GIN, "but it is also a great marketing tool, since organizations can include custom text, a link to their website, and even a custom logo for an event." Groups can submit their own logos to the GIN System for posting or contact the company for assistance developing a custom logo.




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